GOP unveils fundraising tool to match Democrats ActBlue

WASHINGTON — The Republican Party believes it finally has its answer to the Democratic fundraising behemoth ActBlue.GOP groups are lending their support to a new donor platform called Patriot Pass, which they say will help the party match and even surpass the organization that sent more than $700 million to Democratic campaigns in 2018.After the Republican Party’s midterm losses, party officials said they needed to find a way to match ActBlue’s small-dollar fundraising power.The Republican platform is a joint effort of GOP payment processing firm Revv and the party’s data clearinghouse, DataTrust. Revv founder Gerrit Lansing says that combination will help the GOP pass Democrats.Democrats are playing a game of catch-up of their own, struggling to create a hub for their data to rival DataTrust.News of the new GOP donor platform was first reported by Politico.Zeke Miller, The Associated Press