Valencia celebrates 101 years in medical and sports quarantine

first_imgSocially the year is going from curve to curve. Perhaps the greatest success that can be attributed this year to the leadership of Anil Murthy has been, precisely and despite the contagions in his wardrobe, his way of managing the coronavirus crisis, since it cannot be denied that they saw her coming before anyone else. But the ghost of Marcelino and especially that of Mateu Alemany flies over Mestalla after each trip and / or management. The signings of Thierry and Mangala, the negotiation with Barcelona for Rodrigo, the gestures to silence the president’s stand or the non-signing of a central defender after Garay’s injury mean that the future is seen with exceptionism and that the “Lim go now”, because many who fear that Valencia will continue in the fight just because of the inertia of the one that happened in May.Everything is said, today Valencia is more aware of the health crisis in Spain, which no matter how much their leaders anticipated they have not been able to avoid. “I was clear that, despite the measures adopted, people from the club would end up infected and that society could become 20% infected given the contagion curve in Spain. When we tested the footballers they were in shock, I explained to them that it was normal and that their lives are not in danger because of being infected. In fact, all of the club who have fallen into the disease are asymptomatic. Despite our protocols, exposure in recent games has brought the number of infections to 35% “Anil Murthy pointed out to Channels News Asia. On this day in 1919, Valencia (initially Football Club) was registered in the civil registry. 366 days ago, Valencia, which in addition to being called the Football Club, has also had the acronym SAD (Sociedad Anónima Deportiva) for several decades, inaugurated its Centennial events. He did it with a massive civic march from Mestalla to the place where historians locate Bar Torino, holy field where its founders met. Today Valencia is 101 years old and there is no room for any civic march or any other type of celebration beyond the virtual Internet. The population in Spain is in docimiliary isolation by COVID-19 and Valencia, in addition, in quarantine if possible more forced because the virus has sneaked into their locker room, where there is a 35% of infected staff.Thus, Valencia will have a very different birthday than the one they had when they turned 100. And not just because of the coronavirus crisis. Valencia has reached March 18 out of the European positions and with no other objective than to get into Europe. “We are closer to the Champions League than a year ago,” said Anil Murthy last Friday in an interview with official radio. Statistically he is not without reason. Valencia de Celades, despite the 42 injuries suffered by his players, is 4 points from Real Sociedad (4th); while a year ago he was 6 points from Getafe. It even adds two more points now than it did then. But Valencia transmits an irregularity (it has not won the docimilio since December) and it has a serious defensive problem (He has conceded 27 goals in the last 15 games). The feelings around the team and even the relationship between fans and property are very different. A year ago Valencia opened its Centennial with the Copa del Rey final on its horizon. Valencianism recovered with it its self-esteem and illusion, in addition to the feeling of belonging that flourished for the Centennial. The ticket for the final of May 25 was released in February and that date was key to never stop believing. Thus the team managed to reach the semifinals of the Europa League and won the Champions League place on the penultimate day. Quite the contrary has happened since the beginning of 2020, with consecutive dribbles in the Spanish Super Cup, Copa del Rey and recently in the Champions League against Atalanta. Valencia, who took drastic measures after becoming noticeable the focus of contagion that emerged in Milan, where he played on February 19, stresses that all infected staff are asymptomatic. This implies that they are following the routine work and nutrition guidelines given by the physical trainer and the medical services. “I am confined to my home. I am lucky, I have a house where my family can remain isolated. We avoid crossing as much as possible. I have zero symptoms, so I can continue to support myself by bodybuilding. They gave us a program. With a mask, I go out to my garden to continue training. And then I watch documentaries, movies, I play the console. There is Netflix, and I also read “, commented Mangala the L’Equipe.Valencia are pleased that, although their exposure in the matches has taken their toll, their pioneering measures to isolate the first squad, which they adopted even days before the mascletaes began to be fired in the city, “have at least served to prevent players from being a source of contagion “for their fans. Now Valencia keeps its Paterna facilities, offices and Mestalla closed (except for shifts of gardeners). Thus, with each one at home, Valencia will celebrate its 101st birthday. Congratulations. Valencia adds two points more than last year and is two less than the Champions, although their feelings are also oppositelast_img