“As long as he is president there will be no football on Mondays”

first_img“Any dispute will not affect you in your subsidies, to the tests I refer. Yesterday the transfer button was given and everyone who has provided the documentation has the money, “Rubiales said after recalling that the RFEF has increased revenue with the reform of the Super Cup and the Copa del Rey.He said, “Thanks to the Super Cup, a lot more money goes to non-professional football.” “With the Cup we have managed to democratize, see the fields as we have seen them now and we have felt much more identified with this Cup,” he added.Rubiales insisted that the RFEF has “made the Copa del Rey worth something now”, despite the fact that LaLiga responded that not on the five occasions in which he asked for the commission to sell the audiovisual rights of the competition, which RFEF has finally marketed.“Now there are 85 clubs of Second B and Third and 40 of them play against teams of First and Second. This format is here to stay and if we can benefit more it will be for those who need it most. We were prevented by the League from reaching 15 million, five times we asked for the parcel and he said no. They have other criteria, “he added.The president also announced that has asked the Government for a regulatory amendment that prevents LaLiga from subsidizing an association such as ProLiga. “It seems harmful to us and that goes against the interests of football,” he concluded. The president of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubiales, said that while he continues in the position “there will be no football on Mondays”, because “it is bad”, and announced that depending on the court ruling he will again request two hours of professional football to play the rest of the categories.Rubiales expressed himself this way in the third informative meeting with the clubs of Second Division B and Third Division held this Thursday in the City of Soccer and insisted on “fighting” so that non-professional competition matches have “their own space”.“As long as he is president of the Federation there will be no football on Mondays, it’s bad. We try to have a time slot without First and Second Division football. Soon there will be a judgment of the judgment on the parties on Monday and Friday, and depending on the ruling we will request 2 hours of professional football again, “said Rubiales.He said, “No one can accuse him of not wanting to talk” with LaLiga about it, when the representative of a club asked him that “we must approach positions”.“Accusing me no one can do it that I have not wanted to talk about; on the contrary I have received complaints and have requested my disqualification. But to bring positions they have to want both“, answered.Rubiales also sent a message of security to the attendees about the collection of the subsidies that correspond to them after providing the data paid corresponding to the Impulse 23 program and announcing the launch of “quarry with values”, of the funds from the participation of the clubs Spanish in Europe.last_img