The spirit of Glasgow resurfaces in the Midlands

first_imgHe lit the fuse with the first ten brave men who embarked on a flight to Birmingham on Tuesday at two in the afternoon, with chants even on the landing section. And they multiplied exponentially as the day and time of the game approached. The first officer in British lands since that end of Glasgow in 2007, which suggested both pain and pride. Many of those who have now taken Wolverhampton then learned to add and read. Or to crawl. And, of course, nobody repaired for a few hours, or days in the LaLiga classification.Many chose London, some even Manchester, to link from there by road or train. The one that goes from Birmingham to the host city of the party provisionally became a blue and white line, so they could have installed a shop like in the Plaça Espanya Railways. The city of the Peaky Blinders, the second most populous in England, became an excellent base camp for the most impatient, who decided to travel more than a day in advance.Others, like José Luis, fulfilled their curious dream. Without knowing anything about the city, he always wanted to go to Wolverhampton and watch football. She was going to do it last year, but in the middle of the negotiations her daughter got pregnant. And the draw of these sixteenths, although he is more of Europe (he grew up in Gràcia) than of Espanyol, he put it on a plate. Since Monday he has been in the Midlands, staying at the Ely House Hotel, once a women’s school, and so on until Saturday. And you could not miss illustrious, like Josep Clotet, brand new coach of Birmingham City, who took his car to Molineux Stadium to cheer up what was and will be his team, two days after measuring in the Championship at Sheffield Wednesday, in a duel to Luis Enrique-Robert Moreno, because until last summer he was the assistant of today’s rival coach, Garry Monk. When they met in November, in Hillsborough, the Englishman did not honor his autobiography, titled ‘Loud, proud and positive’, and refused to shake hands with the Espanyol B ex-repairman.With the cadence of the dusk, about five, the majority of local pubs hung the ‘Home Fans Only’ sign, which invited dozens of parrots to confine themselves in the only establishment enabled for the rival fans, The Bluebrick Table Table , converted into a mini Cornellà-El Prat and the point of collection of tickets and departure on the pilgrimage to Molineux Stadium. There were not all yet. Missing 200 followers who arrived late from Barcelona, ​​affected by a rebound from the strike in France. Even in that the spirit of Glasgow was recovered in Wolverhampton. Thursday at the very first hour (some early risers registered on social networks dated from 2:54) were already officially blue and white tails, as if they were deployed before the lathes of the RCDE Stadium, which were formed before the check-in counters and, of course, at the boarding points. And lustrous at the foot of the track the charter for 200 followers chartered by the club, with the shield on the back.Proud parakeets also arrived from Alicante (the Pericos del Sur), Oxford or even Stuttgart, also from Barcelona but with a stopover in Paris. And even living the game from Sydney in the early hours of the morning at the Cheers pub, twinned with ‘exiles’ of the Wolverhampton in the antipodes.RCDESPANYOL ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>RCDESPANYOLlast_img