Griezmann avoids total ridicule

first_imgGoals1-0, 8 ‘: Pep Caballe, 1-1, 71 ‘: Griezmann, 1-2, 93 ‘: Griezmann CardsKike (60 ‘, Yellow) Diego Mendoza (77 ‘, Yellow) Kwasi Sibo (82 ‘, Yellow) Francisco Grima (87 ‘, Yellow) Ansu Fati (92 ‘, Yellow) Nuñez (94 ‘, Yellow With 1-0, Ibiza lived as a bishop. Barça did not even tickle you while against Rodado he scored a bit justly annulled by pushing a looser Lenglet than expired custard and Raí minutes later shot to the post so that Neto rejected the subsequent shot at the mouth of Rodado’s cannon. A total disruption of a Barça in auger that had 45 minutes left to avoid a ridiculous capital. The ridiculous to dry ones could not be solved no matter how much it went back. To try the comeback, Setién contributed a pun to his system by introducing Alba by Carles Pérez, which Barça played with four sides. A rampage he tried to remedy by removing Riqui for Arthur. The change was noticed because in two minutes the Brazilian connected with De Jong, who served Griezmann the assistance of the goal of the tie. It was the first shot between the three clubs of Barça in 70 minutes and 20 were left to make up the embarrassment. And to help the cause, Setién gave entry to Arturo Vidal with ten minutes left. A final that lasted for six minutes that served Barcelona to define the game in another snatch of Griezmann in questionable position, but there was no VAR that corrected the alleged error, in the same way that the goal of Griezmann does not banish the feeling of embarrassment of the Blaugrana team. Two goals from Griezmann in the final match of the match, the second of them in the 94th minute and in a dubious position, allowed Setién to remain alive in the Cup after beating Ibiza 1-2. But Barça’s new project is still not enthusiastic and it lacks a lot of filming. The Blaugrana game was absolutely unpresentable against a Second B that touched the feat before a liner that touched the tragedy.The Setién effect was seriously questioned in one of the worst first hours of the game that is reminded of Barcelona in a long time. The new technician, true to his convictions, chose a revolutionary drawing. But likewise the match against Ibiza, of Second B, served him to realize that the cow does not give for more. And from the first day he made it clear that he is an expert in cows.He raised a defense of three centrals with a Lenglet that every day that passes is more alfeñique, accompanied by Sergi Roberto and Junior, two disasters. From there on, a series of players who had the ball most of the time but got Pablo Alfaro, a local coach, to change the goalkeeper because in 45 minutes he was not shot once. Fati and Pérez lost all their duels, De Jong did not appear, the party did not interest Griezmann and Rakitic in the least. Y Riqui Puig was a drama even in defense, where he wrinkled at the shot of Pérez who was the first goal of Ibiza after playing in Caballe. ChangesSunrise (58 ‘, Carles Perez), Arthur Melo (70 ‘, Ricard Puig), Diego Mendoza (72 ‘, Angel Rolled), Kwasi Sibo (76 ‘, Javi Lara), Vidal (80 ‘, Rakitic), Fran Carbià (85 ‘, Pep Caballe)last_img